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Inspiration, Legend, Guru - Frank Kern
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Sunday, 26 December 2010
Legend, Guru, Inspiration - Frank Kern
Marketing from the internet has been happening for multiple years , but is just now entering golden age so to speak. Even though there are only a handful of 'professionals' that have made mentionable amounts of money via IM as their #1 source of financial gain. not many individuals stand apart like the uber professional genius called Frank Kern. Referred to by some as the godfather of the mass Control syndicate - he stands alone as the single greatest copywriting expert on the web right now.

Few have perfected NLP or copywriting like Frank has - this is proven by his profits. With impossible accomplishments like 24 million in 24 hours - few can come close to his ability to captivate the public, sell to them - and have them ecstatic they made such a costly buy.

His courses comprise of List Control, Mass Control, and the 4 day sales machine and more. Within these lessons, wishful internet marketers learn how to speak like a guru. The strategies and tactics covered inside this handful of packages are the elements by which Kern is able to manufacture such huge launches.

As of writing this thesis, Frank Kern is no longer teaching internet marketing through products like the 3 noted previously in this paper. Now, Frank dedicates his strategies to large businesses and other groups with a consulting fee of $100,000 + 15% commission on the profits he helps to generate. A decent goal for any consultant, but further proof that Kern indeed knows what he's doing.

The primary component of Frank's lessons is simply "be cool" to your customers and clients. This paradigm single handedly shifts the way of thinking away from "How can I make a profit" and morphs it into "How can I add value to my customer". Having this paradigm totally has clients foaming at the mouth to consume what you're offering. A perfect suggestion nobody can refute.

By giving valueinitially, instead of seeking value you are creating an unbalanced equation - an equation that must be reciprocated, and eventually balanced!! Sure, a few of customers may be out to scam you to utilize your offerings however, for the majority clients will desire to work alongside you, desire to get your services or products - because they understand that you are sincere in your quest to help them acquire your goals.

Although Frank Kern has one or two critics who claim his methods don't accomplish their promises, and are instead garbage - to these critics I declare - were this true, would major companies and entities be contracting him out at such large prices, if they didn't see value in what he has to offer? No they would not, which is why I urge you today ~ acquire his info by whatever means necessary - even if by learning by discussing with one of Kern's disciples. The trickle down effect will definitely affect your bottom line ~ and dramatically increase thesales results for your company in the new year.

Shane Hunter is an SEO Consultant - and avid student of Frank Kern.

Posted by billie52warren at 6:08 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 27 December 2010 1:31 PM EST
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